Friday, September 18, 2009


Photo copyright of Tahirah Manesah Abu Bakar, 2006

While I was trying to figure out the tales of raya to feature in my blog, a huge wedge lodged itself in the tracks of my thoughts.

Hmm. Who are the characters I should feature? My family? My friends? My current colleagues? My ex colleagues? I know so many people. Would anyone of them feel awful if I were to not tell a story about them?

Anyway reminiscing the past is kind of boring. And to write about future plans is too pedantic.

So. I’m just going to write about what’s in my heart.

To all my friends and family

Today, I am presenting myself to you in honest humility, seeking your pardon for all my words and deeds which have caused you pain, loss, harm, damage and injury. It would mean everything to me, more than worldly goods, for you to bestow me with your forgiveness.

Today, you do not even have to ask me, for I have opened my heart to you and forgiven you, and forgotten whatever adverseness that may have transpired between us.

Today, I thank Allah s.w.t., for all that I have, including friends and family like you.

Today, I pray for all of us, for us to be blessed with hidayah, and for us to be safe in this world and the hereafter.

Today, I am grateful because I have lived through yet another Ramadhan, and I hope that I will be part of the coming Syawal where we can walk together towards fortifying our Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood.

Today, I have no regrets, except for the sins that I have done, and I will throw myself in sujud to ask for forgiveness from Allah s.w.t. the Most Merciful, for only He knows the magnanimity of my sins and only He can save me from damnation.

Today, I realise that the fact I am seeking repentance is a sign that I am loved and shown the right way by Allah s.w.t., and a new path has been created for me to earn the love of mankind.

Today, I realise that solitude is a choice, because I am surrounded by gems, and that is YOU.

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin.