Sunday, October 4, 2009


My first post since Raya. Hope everyone had a good one. I had a long one, and actually am still having it :D

I came back from my (long) Raya leave and put my (raw and green and trembling) staff on the stand in a labour court case, warranting her to act on behalf of the Company to prosecute against a notice pay defaulting ex-employee.

The first reason why I put her there was because I was too busy with other things to actually prepare for this particular case. Since this was an open-and-shut one, and she had actually assisted me to prepare the paperwork, I decided to delegate the task to her so I could concentrate on the legal agreement I was drafting. As I decided so, an idea formed in my head that I could seize the opportunity to give her on-the-job training in labour court hearing procedures. I don't want her to be my driver forever anyway, ferrying me to and from court and carrying all my files to death.

And so, unrehearsed, she took the stand, while I sat there putting a sardine face with my hands folded behind my head, watching the entire thing with the eyes of an Idol judge.

Joking lah. I actually taught her what to say right then and there by passing her notes with tips on what to say. I helped pass the documentary evidence to the judge and wrote the entire submission for her.

She was nervous obviously, being a virgin, but eventually the pressure pushed inspiration into her brain stems and she began to come up with her own arguments. I thought she was actually quite efficient.

When the court adjourned, two things happened. I have identified a dark horse for me to groom, and a good eyeful of the cute judge sitting right across from me.