Friday, September 11, 2009


I’ve been having a few good days lately. Many things have been going my way.

I received something unexpected yesterday, of which I am thankful.

I want to finish all my work before the week ends, because next week is pre-raya week, and normally during such a time I would be in a festive holiday mood. In any case, early work planning always works out well for me.

I’ve settled my fitrah and my zakat, and it makes me feel good about having fulfilled my responsibility.

I’ve put up blinking coloured rice lights in my office. It brightens up the office, lends everyone a cheery festive mood, and makes me happy working in the dark of my office room with only those blinking lights on.

I sing when I step into the office everyday.

I have stuck to my fasting resolution which is: SPEND LESS. My Raya resolution is similar, and with a proper budget.

I have a peaceful simple life, a good job, independence, good health, surrounded by good friends. I am blessed.