Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In any social circumstance, there is prejudice. I have heard that prejudice is nothing but an expression of opinion without getting the facts right. This could not be more true.

In an organisation where there exists a HR or Admin Department, both of which are usually fused, that fused Department would often be the Department most prejudiced against by the rest.

What gave them the right to do this, no one knows. No one cares. Other Departments seem to get a kick out of trivialising HR/Admin jobs and practitioners.

As if they are better.

The narrow perception of today's office world is that the ones who jab the laptop keypads noisily like there's no tommorow, bustling hither and tither proclaiming to each poor sod they bump into at the latrines how occupied they are as loud as their larynxes may allow over the sound of pee and farts, staying back as late as the last drone of the boss's car engine exiting the office gates, are the personifications of busy-ness. They seem, and so they be. And ergo merit higher pay and better benefits.

HR is seen as a relaxed Department with a lot of spare time and resources, just because we do not go about doing our jobs with theatrics.

You see, our job deals with people, so we need to earn respect.

To do that, firstly we need to be efficient at all times. No hustle, no bustle, just get the job done.

Secondly, we need to manifest trustworthiness. We listen to people, respond to them discreetly and keep their secrets. Mum's the word, no unnecessary gabbling.

Thirdly, when dealing with people's emotions, rice bowl and future, we need to think a lot. We also need to balance that against fulfilling the company's needs and wants. So we need to do lots of research and acquire knowledge of best practices. This requires, amongst other things, surfing the Net, social media networking, emailing, making phone calls, meeting up with people and doing lunch.

It all looks like "doing nothing", doesn't it. But of course, some people judge books by their covers.

And finally, pace. Hey, a problem can get solved in two ways. In a rush like they do it, and end up leaving a trail of mess which guess who has to clean up? Or, with proper planning like we do, with no loose ends, win-win. If you can tell me a real story about another Dept having to clean up HR Dept's mess, I'll buy you lunch.

 Let's all grow up and start giving each other respect.