Sunday, August 23, 2009


Am so glad my company is open-minded about Facebook and Twitter. For me thus far Facebook has been a practical and effective implement for the following work-related purposes:-
  1. Headhunting
  2. Promoting the company's products and restaurants
  3. Networking with other HR and employment law professionals and Government officers related to HR and employment law
  4. Keeping colleagues in other branches abreast of employee relations issues through sharing of photos and notes
  5. Sharing articles and information related to HR and employment law matters with colleagues
I also have a Linked-In account which I need to update as I haven't visited it for quite some time.

Many companies still do not allow Facebooking during office hours. It's a pity. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and other social media can be very good for business when used properly. When not used properly, it doesn't make a difference. Bored employees will find other ways to kill time anyway. And wouldn't you rather they kill them fashionably?