Monday, August 31, 2009


You know, I'm not too hot on the concept of Merdeka for two reasons.

One, if British colonisation didn't happen in this country, I probably would not have happened myself. And neither would my cousins and our mums/dads and grandmum.

Two, I have always thought that we have the British to thank for opening our eyes to modernisation and giving us a headstart to a good education system, and the rest of the penjajah for teaching us how to fight for ourselves.

My cousins opine that celebrating 31st August as Merdeka Day for 1 Malaysia is an incongruity because Sabah and Sarawak only joined Malaysia 6 years later and thus to make a big deal of it is unfair for the East Malaysians. Well what is obvious is there is still a huge gaping canyon of understanding between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia and it's high time something is done to close it if the country is honest about 1 Malaysia. If there is a point in all that song and dance celebrating independance, whatever the date, where is it? People in Peninsular Malaysia still do not view East Malaysians as equals.

Not to mention the knowledge and awareness levels of some Peninsular folks about East Malaysia is pathetic. Some think Kuching is in Sabah. Buduh.

Year in year out I hear and read people debate about "negara merdeka tapi adakah minda sudah merdeka?" and truth be told I'm bored to bits about it. Get up and do something about it then if you think we're not merdeka enough. Don't just sit and wait for other people to get things done. This is the problem. It's always been and always will be if everyone keeps waiting for the tipping point.

Other than that, I keep my thoughts to myself. I sit and shut up like I always do, and enjoy my public holiday.