Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Photo copyright Tahirah Manesah Abu Bakar, 2009

This is a special blog entry for my friend Zaila, who celebrates her birthday today.

When we first met, back in 2006
I knew back then that we would click
Underneath that prim and proper attire
You were wild and full of fire
Just like me, and what a surprise
Born in the same year, how very nice!
You were not like the average PA
Not sombong or eksyen or nyey-nyey-nyey
Working with you was a lot of fun
Remember when we formed Rombongan Pak Man?
Those Starhill memories stay fresh forevermore
You singing Jaclyn made everyone drop their jaw
The karaoke and makan sessions over the years
We’d monkey around and laugh till we had tears
I just want to say what a good friend you’ve been
And what a lousy poet I am, so you can trash this poem to your bin.

Anyway, just want to add something here: that if one day you decide to leave your profession, you can always become a HR practitioner as you have all that it takes to be a very, very good one.

I purposely put this ice-cream eating pic of you up here. I caught you on camera being simply you, and that’s a beautiful thing, more beautiful than the beauty queen crown you’re wearing.

Happy birthday Zaila!