Friday, August 28, 2009


Recently before the fasting month there were sightings around my office premises of a woman in white. She was seen at night by the night shift employees, sitting on the grass verge between the canteen and the administration building and by the window of the training room overlooking the driveway. She seemed to be waiting for someone.

At another time, I personally saw someone, or something, standing by the production building stairwell window looking out at the parking lot. It was about 6.40pm and I had just started my car to go home. The thing was just standing there motionless looking out at the parking lot and I sat there in my car trying to focus on what it was. For a few seconds I thought it was staring back at me, and we somewhat locked gazes. I couldn't really make out exactly who or what it was because the window was far and very high up. So I started my engine and left.

The second time I saw it was rather creepy. It was on another day, and as I started my car engine I thought of the thing I saw at the window. I sat there and thought about it, and somewhat willed for it to appear. It did. This time there were other movement, like other things prancing about behind it. Then everything faded away. After that I thought I saw something hiding under the window ledge, as if peeping at me from beneath the window. It was all very strange.

A couple of months ago we saw some bubble-like things from the CCTV camera at the production area. It was like someone blowing a gush of bubbles across the camera dome from nowhere to nowhere.

When I come to the office on weekends to finish off work, sometimes I'd be the only one in the entire administration building. But I'd hear a lot of racket, like the sound of doors banging, things bumping against the wall and the sensation of movement as if there were many people around. Once as I was leaving the office on a Saturday afternoon, I heard a very loud crash coming from the toilet area as I was going down the stairs. I went back up and checked around. Nothing and no one.