Thursday, November 19, 2009

The disbanding of RRHR

Today I disbanded my Facebook HR Group, Rock N Roll HR.

I did this was because I personally felt that the Group had not achieved its purpose. When I created the Group I wanted to unite all HR practitioners in JB. Then I opened the membership to all HR practitioners regardless of geographical location. The response was very slow, and not as warm as I would have liked.

I persevered and remained positive. Several people fed back to me and said that the Group lacked attraction. So I organised as many networking activities and events as I can, to bring the members closer together, with the hope of advancing the quality of HR practice in JB particularly and in Malaysia generally.

There were members who supported these initiatives but there were many who did not react positively to them. Some did not react at all. Eventually organising these events became wearisome.

Same went for the discussion board in the Group. I became tired of seeing just my name and my words plastered all over the Group walls. A few other members who contributed ideas and topics also seemed to stop writing after a while probably because of the lack of response from other members. The idea exchange intention had fallen flat on its nose there.

I don't know whether HR practitioners in Malaysia generally still have not embraced the concept of intergrating social media tools with their work. Or whether social media tools do not bear any significance in enhancing the quality of their profession. Well I am a social media activist but I do still feel very much alone in my professional community.

So I have decided, today, to delete the Group. I would much rather see it gone than to see it wither away or left in a hollow existence. If I am the one doing all the work, then it defeats the whole entire purpose of having the Group. I just don't want to carry on wasting my time.