Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Checkin' Out

After cooping myself up in my office finishing up my legal work, I segued back into the scene and did some serious checkin' out of various ent venues in JB.

Checkin' out is a regular part of a HR practitioner's job. It involves the reconnaissance (or in Manglish, reki) of resources pivotal to the hosting of a HR-related function, such as annual dinners, family days and sports activities, by way of surveying the venue's facilities, evaluating their service quality, taking in the ambience, contemplating the budget, tasting the food...well, you get the picture.

In my case we have immediate plans to host our Annual Dinner and a bowling tournament. The bowling tournament is in fact going to be held this coming Sunday and the Annual Dinner is some 8 weeks away (and we're still looking for a venue, yes).

So there I was for a good week or so, checkin' out hotels, resorts, clubs, expo halls, gyms, paintball centres, futsal courts, bowling alleys and even a river cruise. I was collecting name cards and gaving away my own like nobody's business. I'm sure half of JB city would have a picture of me in their minds as they watch my Company's ads on prime time tv: "Hey I met one of their managers that day, the one who turned over the carpeting to gauge the age of the dust, counted the stains on the walls, smelled the waiters' armpits and quibbled about every cent in our quotation. If I ever have to kill my competition, I'd hire that lady."

I told you my job was fun. And you know, this whole checkin' out thing? Well, it's kinda perpetual.