Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy new year, everyone.

No I really mean it. I hope your year is going to be happy.

It is important to have a happy year, because misery, unlike annual leave, accumulates and carries itself forward to the following years, where at some point you and your baggage will end up radiating negative vibes to people around you, and when that happens in the office, your colleagues will play Survivor and get rid of you. All I'm saying is that it's better to have smelly armpits than 365 days of constipated gloom.

You know, I was in a transition period towards the end of last year, pondering on many things. I pretty much sorted what I needed to sort then I emerged from the phase and was quickly immersed into the beginning of 12 sets of Gregorian months of new projects. Last week I said my schedule is full for the first half of the year. Today I can safely tell you that the second half of my calendar is socially retired, thanks to some recent audit findings.

Yet I am happy. I like new projects. Just one problem though.

I am travelling without moving.