Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Question

From now till May, I have to find a question, which for the next 24 months, I have to answer.

I have selected the area of unfair dismissal for my thesis, and I now have to find a specific problem regarding unfair dismissal and propose solutions to that problem.

My Dean has already listed a few websites for me to look up. I've my own collection of IR cases to read and reread over the weekend. I've to search for other people's theses on similar subject matters for added inspiration.

I don't know how common the subject of unfair dismissal is as a postgraduate specialisation in Malaysia. I have not encountered any local dissertations on it yet. I've read a good one from a University of Queensland student though.

My good friends who know me well and who know why I chose this subject matter, have been supportive but nonetheless very amused as to my choice. But I know you guys are also saying, in your hearts, "You go, girl."

Of course my main reasons for doing this are the fact that I am passionate and experienced in the topic and that it is relevant to my work, in that order. But I have a stronger reason.

When I find the question and present my answers, you will know what that reason is.